Wednesday, April 19, 2017

IJF World Veterans

Here is video of some of my matches from the 2016 IJF World Veterans Championships. This was my 2nd tournament of this kind. I competed in the 2012 Worlds, which was an incredible event too. In my first Worlds I wasn't on the level of the competition there. The international Judoka are on a higher level (number wise). This time I was better prepared and almost made it to the medal rounds. Here are some edits of 3 of my matches. Unfortunately I don't have match one against Brazil, but he was one tough dude. He broke his pinky toe and continued to play (with his toe sticking sideways).

Shidokan Atlanta At IJF Veterans Championships

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Favorite Judo Technique

My favorite technique in Judo is the Uchimata throw. It is a great for an opponent who is hunched over with their legs wide. In this clip I will share footage of me in Judo competitions. The throw can be done using several grips. I like to to use a Power Grip (over the shoulder or deep back) to execute this throw.
Shidokan Atlanta Uchimata Judo Throw

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shidokan Atlanta Throws For Karate

In this video clip, I am going to share some tips on throws and takedowns for full contact Karate (of course these can be used in any art or sport that allows grappling). I find techniques that allow to face your opponent work best and Ashi Waza (foot techniques) are best. Sweeps, trips, etc. allow you to attack and you don't find yourself in a bad position if you miss. You will see me throw with an Uchimata (inner loin reap) in the video. The grip I use is around the head (like a head lock throw). Because of this grip, the opponent can hold your waist and use the momentum of landing to roll you over. So be careful if you use this grip. I would recommend a whizzer or under hook as this will allow you better control.

Shidokan Atlanta Throws For Karate

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Boxing Tips By Shidokan World Champion

Boxing Tips

The best way to improve you punching ability is by studying the "Sweet Science". Boxers have the best punching skills. Because punching is their specialty, they master the ability to deliver power blows and have the best methods of defending those blows. Footwork, body and head movement are vital skills a boxer must have. In the clip below, I will show some fight footage and give examples of offense and defense.
Boxing Tips

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shidokan Atlanta's Spinning Back

The spinning back kick is one of the most powerful kicks in martial arts. With the right set up and timing, it is a very effective technique. In this video clip I share a few examples of when to use this technique. The most important thing to remember is that you want to throw it when your opponent squares up. Even if blocked, the opponent has to absorb the impact.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Can You Take The Punishment?

In combat sports we like to see punishment given. But, in order to give it one must be able to receive it. In fights, fighters don't just fall down and die because you hit them. Through training and conditioning one develops the ability to take a lot of punishment. Some can take more than others. This has to do with not just physical strength, genetics, mental strength, desire and heart. Sometimes you just want to win more than your opponent. You have to shun negative thoughts from your mind and never give up. In this this video clip, you will me on the receiving end of some punches, kicks, throws, etc. Throw the fires of blood and pain, champions will rise.

Take The Punishment