Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Key Part Of Combat Is Pain

In looking at martial arts, people ask about techniques, training etc. There is always the what if he or she does this out that. They practice defending against attacks with partners. They work out hitting pads, bags, etc. There is one key component that one has to be able to deal with. It's called pain. There is an old saying, "Everybody has a plan until the get hit". If you are not accustomed to dealing with pain, no technique, self defense semianr is really going to do much for you. You have to train, workout out, practice your techniques and learn how to deal with the uncomfortableness of getting hit. Beyond physical training this is mental. If you train your body hard, you strengthen your mind. You need impact training. Not just in hitting things, but in receiving impact. I am not saying get your brains bashed, but you have to spar. You have to hold pads and feel power coming through them (a lot of people are afraid to hold pads with hard hitting partners). All of this helps you mentally prepare for impact and pain. Go train!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Judo Demo With Georgia Judo Legends

Bob Byrd and Dr. Gary Berliner and renowned Judoka. I've had the opportunity to train under these gentlemen. Here's a clip of them doing a demo at the 1997 Battle of Atlanta

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shidokan Open World Championships

I had the pleasure of being able to go the the Shidokan Open World Championships in Budapest last weekend. It was an incredible experience. I saw great fights and win, lose, or draw all of the participants were good. The camraderie was great and everyone was part of a big family. There were 150 competitors from 20 countries. I even entered the Kata division. In addition to the Kata, there was knockdown and kickboxing. The day after the tournament we trained and several people tested under Shidokan Founder, Kancho Yoshiji Soeno. Here are few video clips from the event. lighweight kickboxing lightweight bare knuckle Yours truly in kata

Monday, May 11, 2015

Jerry Rhome Vs Jeff Mondt

Old school American Kickboxing bout with Jerry Rhome Vs. Jeff Mondt. I came up watching this style of fighting. PKA Kickboxing used to air on ESPN and featured professional karate (aka American Kickboxing). I enjoy looking at the old school stuff. This paved the way for todays contact martial arts. Traditional martial artists developed their boxing and modified their karate techniques for the ring. Check the fight out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Disappointed By Floy and Pacman Fight?

Were you let down by the big fight last weekend? Many fans or shall I say viewers were. This was the biggest fight show in the history of fighting (money wise). Floyd won by decision. Many chased him and Floyd did what he always does. But, folks are still disapointed because they wanted fireworks. Despite being a talented fighter and great businessman, Floyd would rather play it safe than risk getting battered. How should a champion fight? Should he put himself in harms way to finish an opponent or do whatever it takes to win without receiving damage. Understand there are fighters and prize fighters. Some guys want to get the win and some guys want to finish an opponent. The fighters bring more excitement because even if the fight goes the distance, they are looking to finish an opponent. When I fought, I always attempted to stop an opponent. If I won by decision it was because I didn't stop him. I did not try to out point him. I also looked for a finish.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fun Judo Experience

I just got back from the USA Judo National Championships in TX. There were divisions for the top Senior players, Brown and under, Blind Players and the Masters (guys over 30 in grouped every 5 years). I saw some really good judo. My division is M4 (ages 45-49). The oldest guys I saw competing were 75 years old. Judo is called the gentle art but is anything but that as I saw dislocated ankles, shoulders, arms and fingers. I saw busted cauliflower ears, broken noses, closed eyes, looking like a boxing tournament. There were some really good throws and the newaza (mat work) was quick and explosive. Even though Judo is a sport, I saw real compete in that competitors laid it on the line. To watch guys who know how to throw and keep from being thrown fight for control of anothers balance helps you better understand what can happen if a good judoka puts two hands on you. I won my division and enjoyed watching the other Masters compete. Some originally come from other countries so I saw athletes who were from Colombia, France, Russia, etc. So, it was a blast.