Friday, January 15, 2016

Be In The Moment

People like to plan out strategies to prepare for fights. The work on drills based on what they think their opponent is going to do. They work on some special weapon that they will need to defeat their opponent. I never took that approach. I don't pre-plan. I live in the moment. What this means is that I go with no expectations. I flow with the situation. In the moment, I find my way to victory. When I train I work on strong basics. I believe that the basics are what positions for success. So, don't look at what someone did yesterday and assume that it will be the same today. You are not his or her last opponent. You don't move, think or look like their last opponent. Be yourself and be in the moment.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Judo And Taekwondo Are The Most Popular Martial Arts

Have you wondered what the most popular martial arts are? They are Judo and Taekwondo. Both are Olympic sports and are practiced worldwide. For male sports, the sport must have 75 countries and 4 continents and for female sports, 40 countries and 3 continents. Both have a governing body and recognized world championships. Every time I've visited a another country and turned on a sports channel, I've seen some Judo on TV. Now of course sports like boxing and wrestling are popular too, but I'm referring to traditional arts. Karate is very popular, but there a thousands of styles that don't associated with each other for political reasons and what not. Tai Chi is probably the most practiced non sport martial art. In the U.S. many think Kickboxing and MMA are more popular. In the U.S. Judo has never been really popular. I would say Taekwondo has been and still is. In my home state, I see more Taekwondo schools than any other type of martial art.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Tway Ma Shaung Highlight (Bare Knuckle Lethwei)

This is a great video showing Lethwei fighting. It is a bare knuckle style of fighting wear the fighters only wrap their hands. Very much like Muay Thai (with head butts, standing chokes, etc. included. You have to knock the opponent out to win. No point system. Once you get past the brutality of it, you can appreciate seeing what skilled fighting looks for real. Imagine these skills on the street. It is pure and practical.