Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Drilling Vs Doing

How does one become proficient at doing something? Should you drill or perform the activity real time. For me personally, I prefer to just do it. When I played soccer as a youth, we would scrimmage to prepare for the game. When I boxed,sparring was the main method of preparation (same for kickboxing, judo, etc.). I never really did a lot of drills because I felt that after a certain point they created a pattern to how one moves and reacts. I always wanted to be adaptable, so I would just do. This may not work for all, but it is my believe. I want to be like water and be adaptable.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Discipline & Consistent Training

They way people learn in martial arts is very different than it was years ago. People tend to want to learn flash and flare over basics and they try skip on to what they see as advanced before perfecting the basics. It isn't fun to run, skip rope, shadow box, hit the bag, do push ups, etc. day in and day out. It is exciting to work on one or 2 things for one training session. People get bored easily and want to move on to the next hottest thing (not just in the gym, but in other aspects of life). Well, the basics are most important and when all else fails, you can fall back on them. The discipline of training day in and day out for the sake of training is what we must do. This is how you build a foundation. Take your time and build your house strong. Don't throw it up quickly (like a lot of the new subdivisions these days). Make it last.