Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Old School Kickboxing Fun

Several months ago I put a post of me competing in a kickboxing team completion of USA Vs. South Africa. It was a modified version of American Kickboxing (above the waist kicks). We through hard contact to the body and pull the punches to the head. The cameraman for the event recently uploaded our bouts and I wanted to share a better quality video. Recently my teammates, AJ Weathersby and Kelly Leo's bouts were posted, so I am now sharing mine. I had fun throwing punches and kicks in a competitive format. Even though I stay active at age 50 by competing in Judo, it has been 12 years since I punched and kicked at an opponent (fortunately I stay in shape by working out with a talented team of students who fight in Karate, Kickboxing, MMA, etc.). So, I still feel young. In this clip, I am moving around with a youngster in his 20s. Because I've had the privilege of being able to compete in a variety of combat sports, in this match I'm able to utilize my boxing and taekwondo back ground in a fun way.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Strong Rules Karate

Here a good video clip of Vinny Balsamello fighting in the Shidokan International Championships in Japan. It is bare knuckle full contact fighting, similar to Kyokushin. Actually it was more like what Kyokushin was like when it started (now there are no grabs, throws, clinch allowed). Anyway, the fighters are allowed a brief clinch, throws and a few seconds allowed for a quick submission on the ground. Some will ask, why are there no face punches? Sure it would make a difference, but with the grabbing of the Gi and the use of throws it would still be similar to what is seen in the video. There is a lot of information out there where there Karate guys telling you how to apply traditional techniques to real fighting. Don't believe 'em. This is what it would be like.