Thursday, July 20, 2017

Self Discovery Through Martial Arts

In learning the martial arts, you will be guided by your instructor. After you learn the basics you will have look within to further improve. As a fighter, the best teacher is experience. After you have years of training and competing you know what you need to do to get better. You can't depend on your coach and training partners for success. You have to make it happen. You can't rely on others to motivate and inspire you, you have to be the motivation and inspiration in your life. You have to accept nothing but the best in how you approach your goals. In today's time, I see a lot of young people looking for outside guidance in everything they do. Many years ago, when I walked in a gym I simply had to watch the veterans in the place train and I saw what was necessary. They didn't wait for anybody to tell them what to do. They came in and got to it and worked hard. These days, students are not as focussed or self-driven. In a time of instant gratification they want things with out paying their dues. They want it to be laid out for them. The haven't been forced to learn from inside. Because they have come up in a time where the mind has not be creatively challenged to do so. For you to be a champion in whatever you do, you will need to study and practice hard. You will need to look within yourself and push your past your limits to improve. Study champions and the process to accomplishing things not the end result. Get to work!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Fireman's Carry

I came across a really cool video on Kata Guruma (fireman's carry) from Judo. Grabbing the legs is currently prohibited in Olympic Judo. Competitors have modified the throw to fit current rules. This is some old school footage showing this dynamic technique.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Most Import Weapon

What is a fighter's most important weapon? I would say his conditioning. In a match where you have 2 trained athletes, who both have a foundation of techniques, usually the victory is determined by who is in better shape. Once a fighter is tired, nothing works like it should. Defense is difficult, reaction is slow, and power is depleted. Being able to apply techniques under stress takes conditioning and experience. The first thing to go in fight is usually the legs. They get heavy and movement becomes difficult. The will usually get tired before the lungs. There are many theories on the best way to get in shape. I am of the believe that you must do your particular activity as the primary form of conditioning. Everything is is supplementary. If given a chance to spar extra rounds or do more reps on the bench press, I recommend the extra rounds. Sticking with the theory of specificity, one must practice what one is going to do. Everything is should be worked around the activity you are going to do.