Friday, December 30, 2011

Cool Judo Highlight

Check out this awesome clip showing some awesome judo techniques in international competition. You will see throws, submissions and pins. The energy of the world class athletes is truly captured in this video. Enjoy!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Low Kick Compilation

The low kick is a basic and effective weapon that once mastered can put an opponent in a world of hurt. It can stop a fight. Check this clip out of low kicks taking out some of the top fighters in the game.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

360 Degree Round House Kick KO in MMA

This is first here folks. The tornado kick knocking a man out in MMA. Here's a clip from a recent MMA fight in Russia, featuring Kudo World Champion Adam Khaliev knocking out opponent with this kick.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Roberto "Hands of Stone" Duran

Roberto Duran is without a doubt one of the best lightweight champions of all time. His reign is unparalleled. Check him out.

Tae Kwon Do Kick Highlight

Here is a pretty cool Tae Kwon Do (Way of the Hand and Foot) clip showing the incredible control of kicking techniques. Whether you are into TKD or not you can appreciate this.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Work The Body

One of my favorite body parts to attack is the liver. Wearing an opponent down with body work helps you in many ways. It takes energy out of your opponent and you can finish your opponent with a good shot to the body. Here's a clip of me doing some old school kickboxing (above the waist rules) with the late Larry Jarrett (who was a pro boxer and a champion kickboxer) back in the 90s.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fighting Bigger Opponents

In 2004, I came out of retirement (after 2 years out) and fought in the Shidokan World Open 8 Man Welterweight (170 lbs) tournament. In the semi and final matches I fought fighters who were physically bigger and stronger (fighters who fight as heavy as 185 lbs). I want to share some strategies that I use when fighting a larger opponent. In this clip you will see me cutting off my opponent's power by getting inside of his reach. I use movement to stay out of harms way when he presses forward. You will see jamming techniques to get a clinch.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Movement And Angles

From time to time, I going to break down some of my fight footage for you. Hopefully you can use some of my methods in what you do. Movement and angles are key in fighting. Movement creates offense and defense. Here's a sample of me applying these principles in the 2002 Shidokan World Open. My opponent is Muay Thai Champ, Matee Jedeepitak. You will see me move in and out in angles and move away from his power (i.e. strong left leg kicks). I try to stay inside or outside his strengths.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kudo Highlight Clip

Here's another cool clip of Kudo (also known as Daido Juku). It is a sport that allows all weapons (punches, kicks, knees, elbows, head butts, etc.). Throws, tackles, take downs,  and grappling is allowed. Good stuff here. Check it out.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ron Van Clief Fight Footage

Ron Van Clief, "The Black Dragon" appeared in several kung fu films during the 70s. He also fought Royce Gracie in an early UFC fight in the 90s (in his early 50s). I just came across some fight footage of Ron as a young man in Hong Kong. Check him out.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Van Damme Fighting Footage (For Real)

For years many have wondered if Jean-Claude Van Damme was a real fighter or not. Well, here is a little footage showing some tournament stuff and an interview with his Karate instructor.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shidokan Knock Down Karate Rules

Traditional knock down Karate is very different from Shidokan Karate tournaments. For example, in Kyokushin grabs, throws, take downs, and submissions are not allowed.

In Shidokan Knockdown rules grabs, throws, and subs are allowed. The rules allow brief moments of grabbing/grappling to emphasize speed and control to finish an opponent under a knock down format. Remember all knock down karate rules seek to finish an opponent in the most efficient manner possible, creating a sense of urgency.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Head Trauma

In contact sports there will be a lot of trauma to the head. Let's face it, contact is bad on the body. As a fighter you have to be careful in training and allow your body to heal after competition. After competing for several years you have to assess the damage done to your body and evaluate when your end time for competition will be. Check out this clip on head trauma.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rolling Arm Bar

Looking at YouTube you can always find some really cool videos. The arm bar is used in every grappling event and there are so many ways to attack for the Juji Gatame (arm bar). Here's is a unique twist on the rolling arm bar in a Russian Sambo competition.!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Real Karate Tournament

To do away with politics in Karate there should be tournaments where the different organizations compete against each other under an agreed upon format. This would create unity and commaraderie among the different groups. Here's a clip from such a tournament several years ago featuring: Kyokushin, Shidokan, Seidokan, and several others.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Everybody Loves A Winner

It's funny how fight fans talk bad about a fighter once he loses. He can win for 10 years and as soon as he loses, many will say he doesn't have it anymore. For the simple fact that he's in there doing it, means he still has it. As a fighter, he loves to fight. He seeks competition and wants to be challenged. He walks that fine line between winner and loser. Just like he can win, he knows he can lose. I respect anyone who will get and there and just do it. Beyond our selfish wants to see our favorite fighters win all the time, we have to remain loyal fans to them even in defeat and be thankful that they have given us the entertainment and excitement that got us to watch them in the first place.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tae Kwon Do Knockouts

Here is a highlight of knockouts from Tae Kwon Do competitions. Because the emphasis is on kicking, these athletes posses some serious skills in the feet.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Competition For Self Defense Training?

Can competition help you prepare for a real self defense encounter? Absolutely. Why? Look at a boxer. He practices 4 punches (jab, cross, hook and uppercut) and puts those 4 punches together in multiple combinations against a non-compliant opponent. He runs, spars, does bag and pad work and competes against trained opponents. Sure he fights under a set of rules and isn't allowed to kick or eye gouge, but he is deadly. Look at the guy who grew up grappling (i.e. judo, wrestling, etc.). He has been taking opponents down to ground, controlling them with positions/submissions. He does this against in shape, well trained, resisting opponents. These athletes are strong mentally and physically and impose their wills on strong opponents. These attributes translate over to one's self defense skills. These individuals deal with fear, anger, adrenaline, pressure, pain and fatigue. They are able to push themselves past the limits of non-competitors. Guys who fight in the cage have to fend off punches, elbows, take downs, knees, holds, submissions, etc. against trained fighters who specialize in some form of delivering pain. So, next time you hear somebody say that competition isn't suitable for preparing one for real situations, ask them how many fights they have.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saenchai Muay Thai Highlight

Saenchai Sor Kingstar is one of the most gifted fighters in Muay Thai. He is unique and he's throws technique that no one else will attempt.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Have A Base Art

In today's martial arts world, there are a lot of styles to train in.  The MMA approach is very popular. In Mixed Martial Arts, we say that you have to train in several disciplines (i.e. boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, grappling, etc.) to be well rounded. Develop a base in one art (kickboxing, karate, or whatever) and then add on. Your base art will be something that fits your body and personality. I like to kick people in the head, so my base is Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Since I like to kick, opponents are going to want to get in close, so, I learned to box and kickbox. Because I like to kickbox and box, opponents are going to want to grab when in close, so, I added Muay Thai skills for the clinch. Once in the clinch, opponents may want to me down, so I added Judo so I can throw or sweep from the clinch and then I added the newaza (grappling). Find out what you like and build your MMA approach around your strengths and improve in any areas you feel week in. GO TRAIN!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winning Attitude

In listening to different fighters talk, I see many turning down fight opportunities because they don't think they're ready. They want to avoid the top fighters in their weight class because the time is not right. A trainer once said, "If a new fighter walks into his gym and doesn't believe he will be champion from day one, then he never will".  Of course everyone can't attain the top spot, but I think that if you want to be a fighter you have develop that mindset of taking on all comers. Test yourself against top opposition. If you lose, you know where you stand. You can evaluate what you are capable of and go from their. You can possibly win against your perception of another. We see upsets in all sports. No matter what, be a winner in your mind.

Friday, December 2, 2011

50 year old grudge match

Here's beautiful right cross by a 70 year old retired football player.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More of Kancho Soeno Teaching