Monday, December 27, 2010

The Triathlon Will Return

I got a message from Shihan Yoshimura (President of U.S. Shidokan) last night. The annual Shidokan Open took place right before Thanksgiving. There were MMA and Thai Boxing bouts and the show was a success. The only that the fans missed was the "Triathlon". The Triathlon consists of athletes fighting under 3 disciplines (Bare Knuckle Karate, Thai boxing, and Grappling). To win a tournament, the champion will have win 2 to 3 fights under this format. It is truly a test of endurance and spirit. The Triathlon evolved from full contact Karate in the early 1990s. Over time the Karate fighters became scarce and the kickboxers and mixed martial arts athletes took over. As a promoter of Shidokan events myself, I have found it difficult to get karate fighters to compete in these events. 3 events have been scheduled over 2011 and we will work hard at bringing the "Triathlon" back. Shidokan Atlanta is developing it's fighters for the task.

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