Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hard Consistent Work

If I offend the young bucks, my apologies. A lot of fighters today say they want to be champions, but a lot of guys don't want to put in the work. Guys want to name drop and impress you with where and who they train with, but a lot of times they half ass train. Many athletes look to some special supplement or some tool to get an edge. High paying pro athletes (i.e. baseball, football, track.) use enhancement drugs to get ahead of the competition. Even non athletes are looking for some faster, easier way to get results (diet pills, energy pills, expensive supplements, etc.). Well, here is the secret folks, HARD CONSISTENT WORK (there is no secret).  Those things along with a strong believe in your ability. If I lose to an opponent, I can always give an excuse. They may be faster, strong, smarter, etc. But if you beat me, you beat me that day. As a competitor, it did not matter to me whether you drank or eat something special. I didn't care what your training routine was. There was no advantage. You either beat me or you didn't. At the end of the day, it boils down to spirit. So, put your time in. Don't look for the easy way. Get up and train (and keep training).

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