Thursday, August 4, 2011

Resistance Training

There's tons of information out there on resistance training. There many schools of thought preaching different philosophies. Weight training, bodyweight training, isolate (one muscle group), complex (multiple muscle groups, how many sets, reps, etc. Now a days there's a lot of stuff on explosive training and plyometrics. My take on this subject is find a mix of things that work for you. Understand that olympic lifts and plyometrics should be done with care. Most people are not going to tryout for the Falcons. People who compete do them in cycles. Professional athletes do them during certain planned out periods of training. Now fitness gyms have people doing them regularly as part of a fitness fad. On isolation training. There is always an imbalance in folks bodies. This comes from injuries or lack of use (i.e. if you are right handed, then your left is going to be weaker), so, we isolated to rehabilitate or develop weaknesses. Most of us need moderate resistance work. Athletes develop strength during their off season. And don't believe weights will make you a better fighter. Resistance work supports skills. Skill development is different and should be emphasized first. If I have spar 10 rounds with me, what and how you lifted ain't gonna matter. In the off season, experiment with different training methods and find what works for you. During event preparation, focus on skill development. For the general public, do believe all the crap you hear at the gym.

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