Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The "Detroit Destroyer" Takes On 3!

This past weekend, Shidokan Atlanta's own, Eric "The Detroit Destroyer" Heegaard, came up against 3 opponents. This was for real folks. After leaving the Jay Z concert, Eric had to catch a cab due to missing the last MARTA train. While waiting 3 guys decided to rob what they thought would be an intoxicated, unclear victim. For those of us who have had a drink or two with Eric, he can drink most under the table. Well, even though he was drunk, he fought all three. The grabbed him, kicked him, and punched at him, and even though he was tipsy, he laid into them using punches, elbows and knees and throws. He chased the one with the wallet 6 or 7 blocks, letting the guy think he'd gotten away (he may have been intoxicated, but he does workout). He surprises the wallet snatcher with a knee to the head as he leans over catching his breath from running, takes the guy down and locks him into a triangle choke and punches him and chokes him until the guy gives him his money. Feeling sorry for the guy, Eric throws him $20 bucks and goes on his way.

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