Thursday, June 21, 2012

Knife Defense

There are a lot of arts out there claiming to be effective knife fighting systems. There are special training programs where participants train with chalked or electric knives, etc. The reality of knife fighting is that if you and your opponent both have blades, expect to get cut. Everyone I know who's been in a knife fight got cut or did the cutting. Those cut usually don't see the knife until they've been cut (that's how experience cutters work). The fight sequences in the movies where two guys move around and block knife to knife is not real. It would be like two boxers fighting and no one got hit. Those of you who've boxed know that you will get hit. Being that a knife is an extension of the hand, most likely you will be hit. I'm not saying don't practice your self defense techniques against the blade. Just keep in mind that the experts don't always give practical advice for practical situations.

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