Monday, July 2, 2012

2002 My Best Year

I see 2002 as my best year in competitive martial arts. I fought in my second Shikoon Thai Boxing Grand Prix (in Switzerland) I won my 3rd Shidokan Team USA Championship and my first Shidokan World Open. Shidokan hosted two 12 man tournaments featuring some of the best fighters at 155lbs. 6x Shidokan Champion and 8x World Kickboxing Champion Jerry Morris, Lumpinee and World Muay Thai Champion Matee Jedeepitak, Midwest MMA star Rolondo Higueros, World Sports JuJitsu Champion Craig Oxley, MMA fighter Cruz Gomez, World Kickboxing Champ Peter Kaljevic, Polish Kickboxing Champ Tomaz Korcyl, MMA Veteran Steve Kennision, French Muay Thai Champion Remmy Bonnel, and many other tough warriors. A lot of great fights and experience as I got to compete with some really good fighters. Thank you guys for the experience.

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