Friday, February 14, 2014

Weight Training For Knockout Power?

Will weight training help you develop KO power? Not really. After working out with some of the top amateur and pro boxers around, I watched and studied their training methods. How much weight one lifted had no bearing on their ability to knock another fighter out. I'm not saying that weight training is not effective. But it won't make you a knockout artist. One of the hardest I remember being hit was by a guy who weighed 125lbs. The reason hit so hard was because he put all of his 125lbs into his punch. Now, a knockout can be caused many ways, and sometimes strength has nothing to do with it. Timing and placement of a shot or catching a guy moving in might do the trick. Or, a guy like "Big" George Foreman might punch through some guys guard and put him to sleep. The brute strength knockout is innate. The technical knockout is learned.

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