Friday, June 20, 2014

Will Weight Training Help Your Fighting?

Weight training is used by most athletes. There are many methods of training and various goals. From toning the body to adding weight, there are countless schools of thought. Will weight training help your fighting? Not really. Weight training will help you develop a strong body armour for absorbing punishment. It will help in areas of imbalance (i.e. strong quads and weak hamstring). It will help in providing a baseline fitness regiment. Will help you knock someone out? Not really. The ability to knock someone out comes from good technique, timing, and placement. Some guys can do it off of raw power (like George Foreman). But, those guys are naturally strong and would be weather they touched a weight or not. Look at 4x World Heavyweight Champ, Evander Hollyfield. He was a Cruiserweight Champ, who bulked up and became a heavyweight. He was successful as a heavyweight, but he was more devasting at a lighter weight and his ability to finish (by KO) was greater. As a heavyweight, he had to rely more on skills and heart. The knockouts were not going to come as easily. So, if you are a welterweight and gain muscle to fight as a middleweight, you are not going to be as efficient as a natural middleweight. Keep hitting the iron, but make sure you keep hitting that bag (it's more important in the fight game).

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