Monday, July 7, 2014

Weapons Training In The Martial Arts

When you look at weapons training in the martial arts, there are 2 kinds. There is the traditional weapons (kobudo) and then theirs the modern weapons training (knife, gun, etc.). In looking at the traditional weapons (nunchaku, sai, staff, etc.) most of what you see is a lot of twirling and fancy moves that won't work. In the modern weapon self defense techniques, you see similated attack/reponse moves that are hard to pull off (i.e. like catching the hand of a crazed slasher). Just like in empty hand training, there has to be an unrehersed element to the the training (sparring). For sword training, some fence. For knife training, some use chalk, paint, shocks, etc. Some use foam for stick fighting and others pad up a little and go at full contact with sticks. Whatever training you do, add some practical work to it. Dog Brothers Full Contact Stick Fighting

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