Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sparring Is A Training Tool

Sometimes people think that because they spar well, they will fight well. Well, that is not accurate. Sparring is like any other conditioning tool. There's rope, bag, pad work, etc. Fighters will get caught into thinking that sparring is most important. Sparring is a testing, training lab. It is not the fight. In a fight the intensity is multiplied. The late great boxing trainer, Angelo Dundee, said that Muhammad Ali never won a round sparring in the gym. Ali would create an environment where his sparring partners would put in the worst of situtations and he would have to make adjustments. He used it as a tool. Nothing compares to a real match like a real match. Of course, if you are not able to compete, sparring might be the closest you can get. If that's the case, spar with a pro sometimes instead of someone at equal or less skill level. That way they can create the environment that will give you a realistic approach of how a real match feels. So, don't think because you kick butt in the gym, you can automatically do it for real. Just like the guy who never misses the ball in practice, dropping in in the game, under the lights and with pressure, it's a different ball game.

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  1. Yes sir. I am always working on some "thing"- landing with the left leg, setting up the spinning back kick, making my opponent move in the direction I want them to....I never just go in to "fight". Some of the young fighters look at me funny when I ask them, "What are you working on?" You should always be trying to improve something, every round.