Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are The Martial Arts Effective?

Is it effective for you to learn a martial art? Do they really work? I heard this great statement by a well martial artist and he said that martial arts don't work. It is the individual who makes martial arts work. What that means is that you can learn something but that doesn't mean you can apply it. When you see fighters competing at a high level, you things work that you might not think would. Making something work under stress is what they have learned to do. They are in shape and train against non compliant training partners making their techniques work against other trained athletes who know those techniques. Once you get your basics down and gain some experience you learn to impose your will to pull of your moves. Your opponents that you train with and compete against have a foundation and know what you know. So, it becomes a matter of confidence and believing in your skills that make them work. You simply have to go for it and believe in it. That is what makes martial arts effective.

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