Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Drilling Vs Doing

How does one become proficient at doing something? Should you drill or perform the activity real time. For me personally, I prefer to just do it. When I played soccer as a youth, we would scrimmage to prepare for the game. When I boxed,sparring was the main method of preparation (same for kickboxing, judo, etc.). I never really did a lot of drills because I felt that after a certain point they created a pattern to how one moves and reacts. I always wanted to be adaptable, so I would just do. This may not work for all, but it is my believe. I want to be like water and be adaptable.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Nothing like the real thing! I have noticed quite the difference in my boxing since I have been sparring more. The more rounds I spar the more comfortable I get. Unlike drills where things are predictable. With sparring you get to make mistakes and learn while in the action. You can't duplicate a fight in drills. Great post