Monday, June 20, 2016

Still Having A Blast

I am blessed to be in good health and find ways to test myself. I am on old guy having fun these days. For the past several years I've competed in Judo. I competed with the young guys into my late 40s. Now I primarily compete as a Master Athlete in the M5 Category (50-54 years old). The last time I put on 10 ounce gloves in competition was in 2005. I got a call a few weeks ago from my old friend and training partner, Kelly Leo and was to be part of Team USA in a modified kickboxing competition against Team South Africa at the Annual Battle Of Atlanta. Along with him and one of my students (AJ Weathersby) we got together trained a little as a team and we had a blast. We competed in a format that provided contact fighting without anybody getting seriously injured. All the fights were competitive the old guy (Me) doesn't get hurt. I was able to use good technique and compete out of pure fun. I no longer have the desire to hurt anybody, so the event was great for me.

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