Monday, July 25, 2016

Glory Kickboxing Fights

This past weekend I rode up to Norfolk VA with my good friends to watch Glory Kickboxing. Glory is now the premier kickboxing event. It is an international organization feature fighters from all over the world. For the most part the fights were good. I noticed the European fighters are more experienced and seasoned compared to the US fighters. The Americans don't have the same experience as the other fighters. In hearing the records of the Americans, it was evident from their records that they were overmatched and in some cases outclassed. It made no sense to match a guy with less than 10 - 15 fights with a guy who has 40 plus fights. I've noticed this on Glory shows. It's usually the American fighters who have little experience. The international fighters are able to fight more frequently as Kickboxing is bigger outside of the States. Hopefully we will get more American fighters competing on regular basis as I think the level of skills (or better yet experience) are behind the rest of the World.

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