Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My First International Fight

In 1994 I was invited to represent the U.S. in international competition in Fort Lauderdale FL. World Champ, Steve Shepherd promoted an event for USA vs. Russia. I was one of 5 fighters picked to participate. I fought Russian Middleweight Champion, Alexander Voronin. The rules were Full Contact Kickboxing (aka American Kickboxing) with kicks above the waist. This style requires one to develop good boxing basics. Kicking is difficult because you cannot kick to the legs and to land a kick to the head requires a lot of skill. When allowed to low kick you can set up more kicks to the body and head. In Full Contact Kickboxing you have to use your hands to set up kicks. Anyway I wanted to share some of my strategies. You will see lateral movement and feints to set up shots and take away the angles where I can get hit. When he stops moving and gets set, I get off first or cover to take away targets. After I launch an attack, I smother him with the clinch making it difficult for him to cover. When we are separated, I use that restart opportunity for the spin kicks.

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