Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shidokan Full Contact Karate World Open I

In this video clip, we will look at the unique rules of Shidokan Karate. This is from the 2002 World Open, where I am taking on the tough and aggressive Ryo Sakai of Japan. This is the 3rd bout of the evening (won first match by KO and second by submission). During the bout 2, I tore my right ACL (or shall I say had it torn), so I had to reach down deep and keep it moving to make it through the finals. 

This is part one of the Triathlon, the Bare Knuckle Karate portion (two and three are Kickboxing and Grappling). During this phase all leg attacks to upper and lower torso are allowed. Hand techniques are allowed to the neck and bellow. Grabbing, clinching and throwing are allowed. During this clip you will see elements of Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, and Muay Thai mixed in the Karate rounds. You will see me hobble around some times trying to stabilize and unstable right leg. As I fought, I found that round kicks were still doable. Anything that straightened the leg (i.e. front kick) would make the knee buckle. You will see my opponent pick on the problem and attack it with kicks and he will utilize Hiza Guruma (the knee wheel where he props his foot against the knee). So, I make adjustments, use movement, attitude and tricks to keep it going. Next time we will look at part two, the Kickboxing portion. 

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