Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Holzken Vs. Daniels Glory Kickboxing

Here's a video of tournament Karate Champ, Raymond Daniels fighting multiple time Thai Boxing and Kickboxing Champ, Nieky Holzken. Daniels is an accomplished sport Karate fighter (point and continuous sparring). He fought for the World Combat League (Chuck Norris' organization the aired several years ago on TV where fighters fought on Kickboxing Teams). He has demonstrated an unorthodox style that has served him well. But when going up against the likes of Nieky, you will a foundation of strong basics. Watch this video and see how Nieky walks Daniels down taking away his space and not allowing him to build momentum on techniques that would serve him well on a mat  without ring ropes. You will see Daniels be worn down methodically by pressure, low kicks and body shots. Despite Daniels abilities and accomplishments, he simply doesn't posses the experience to take on a fighting like Holzken (with over 100 kickboxing fights).

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