Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whatever Happened To Old Fashion Hard Work

Today I'm back on my soapbox hoping to inspire some folks to stop looking for short cuts and easy answers to pulling off those neat techniques that you see on TV or at competitions. The secret to the secret is that there are no secrets. There is only hard work. Trying to to find special advantages by taking expensive supplements, doing the latest workout routine (given by a sports conditioning specialist who never played your sport) is ok. But I've found that just good old hard training and practice at whatever it is you are trying to do as the best method of preparation. I not knocking supplemental training. I have notice thought that a lot of folks spend more time doing the supplemental stuff than the sports specific stuff. I will be putting out more of what I think you should do to get in shape and maintain shape over the next several days. So, stay tuned.

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