Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Always Remain Humble

This past weekend I competed in the Annual Wakamusha Judo Tournament in Atlanta. I finished 4th in the Senior Men's division. I lost my first match and would have to win all of my other matches to fight for 2nd place. I lost right before getting to that point. So, I won 3 and lost 2. At first I wanted to kick myself for losing because I HATE LOSING. Hey, I was a kickboxing and Shidokan World Champion. But, this is neither of the two. A lot of former champions in my age group and younger don't do any kind of competition now, let alone workout hard. I pat myself on the back for leaving my ego and champion pride outside and enter my judo competitions humbly. Prior to last year, I hadn't competed in a judo event since 2001. I'm 45 years old and I get out there with the young guys (now for the bigger tournaments I will do the masters). It's OK that I'm not as awesome a judo player as I was a kickboxer. But, I'm working on becoming the best that I can be. So, remember that you can always learn and challenge yourself. Don't rest on accolades of yesterday. Do something today and prepare for tomorrow.

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