Thursday, September 13, 2012

Training Tips

In getting ready for a tournament or match, there are no shortcuts. You have to train. You have to get your cardio (run, bike, rope, bag, etc.). You have to do your conditioning exercises (resistance, stretching, etc.). You have to eat and sleep well. On top of all of this, you have to study what you do and do it consistently. You have to focus your mind on success. So many fighters look to training methods outside of what they are actually doing. It's OK to experiment with different approaches, but remember that the training you do must be focused on what you are going to do. When I was training for a fight, I got in the gym, did my floor work (bags, rope, shadow boxing, conditioning exercises, cardio, etc.) I did my sparring and pad work. After these things, I added whatever supplement work I had time for. The key thing was keeping the training specific to what I was going to do. I've coached myself to winning 3 world titles. I'm not saying that I didn't have instructors and training partners. But I will tell you that I used self motivation and my own strategy to accomplish things. I remember years ago while in Chicago for a Shidokan tournament, someone asked me if I train with some top martial artists in my home town of Atlanta. I said no, I just workout with my students at the gym. I'm a strong believer you can accomplish a lot without a lot of resources. Sure, you may have to travel somewhere to expose yourself to things. But the key to winning is to stay focused and disciplined and believe in yourself.

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