Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Learning from A Loss

I competed in the IV World Grand Masters Judo Tournament on November 10th, last month. It was my first international Judo competiton. Locally, I still compete with the young guys. On the national level higher, compete as a Masters athlete. I compete in the M4 category (age 45-49). I won this years U.S. Nationals. The International Judo Federation had the WorldCchampionships in Miami, so I took advantge of the the opportunity to compete with the best in age group. I was challenged and I had two very educational matches. I've been waiting to get footage of my fights. I looked on youtube yesterday and found one of my matches posted so I wanted to share it with you. I lose in this match and wanted to share my lessons. The good things my opponent did: 1. He attacked right off the grip, 2. He kept me moving, and 3. He countered attackes immediately. The good things I did:1) I was able to turn out of throws to stay in the match (remember landing cleanly on your back is a full Ippon, match over), 2. I started to grip better as the match went on. Here's what I didn't do well: 1). Not stay aware of the boundries (sometimes opponent would position near the out of bounds line, attack and once action stopped the ref would stop and moves us back to center), 3. I didn't counter his counters, and 4) I did not effectively attack in combinations. Here it is.

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