Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Best Way To Train

What is the best way to prepare for your sport? Should you run more, lift more weights, or do more plyometrics? Nope to all of those. Of course you should have a fitness base. You have to stretch, work your cardio, strength, etc. But, the most important way to train for your sport is do do your sport. A boxer can hit all the bags, pads, and shadow box in the mirror all he wants, but only in the ring sparring will he sharpen his tools. You can bench press all you like and it won't necessarily make you better punching. I've seen guys who could run marathons gas out from a 3 minute round of boxing. This does not mean that they are not in shape. It just means that you have to train your body in a sport specific manner to handle the work load of that sport. So, don't listen to all the stuff you hear and see. Remember that your sport comes first and everything else is supplemental.

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