Friday, February 15, 2013

Wrestling Out Of Olympics?

A lot of folks are upset that wrestling might be excluded from the 2020 Olympic Games. Wrestling is one of the original sports of the Games and many are in an uproar over this decision. But, don't freak out just yet, because this has not been finalized yet. There will be two more meetings with IOC to determine the final outcome. Now, you have to understand that sports in the Olympics have to produce money and and TV ratings. Wrestling has been on the decline in overall viewership over the last few Olypmpics. Ticket sales and venues were down TV viewership was down. Now wrestling groups will have to work on making the sport more global. BMX is coming in because it appeals to a younger generation. Tae Kwon Do almost go the boot, but changed up their game (modified rules so fans can understand, boosted ticket sales, etc.). So all is not lost. Wrestling will come back.

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