Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Is Effective?

What is effective and what is ineffective for fighting? We see guys throw high kicks and spin kicks and we say that's not effective for real fighting. We see guys throw guys, control them on the ground and somebody says grappling is dangerous in a real fight. Some say ring and cage fights aren't real fights. Check this out. They are real fights. Real fights within a set of rules. Look at boxing. Guys square off in a ring with gloves and go at it. Boxing doesn't allow take downs and kicks, but we all can agree that boxers can punch more effectively than most other martial arts. Let's look at the spinning back kick. If I can land it on a trained kicker who sees them everyday, why wouldn't I be able to land them on someone who is not. Let's say you are good stand up fighter (with no grappling experience) and you get in a tussle with a judo guy. Let me tell you, you are going for a ride to the ground and there is nothing you can do about it. Making techniques work is believing in them and also exposure to different arts. Explore and don't listen to the theories. You must experience it or train with those who have experienced it. Learn what you are capable of and find what's effective for you.

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