Saturday, May 25, 2013

Champions Think They Can Beat Anyone

I once heard a trainer say that if a young fighter comes into his gym and doesn't believe that he will be a champion, then he never will be. I agree with that. If you decide to become a champion, not just a competitor you have to have that mindset. This doesn't mean be unrealistic either. A lot of guys say that want to be a pro and they want to be a champion, but it's mostly talk. As an aspiring champion, you have to study champions. You have to watch their work ethic and see what they do. I have seem so many naturally gifted athletes who never become champions becaue when their physical attributes fail them, they give up. The physical is important, but the heart and desire to win is more so. You have to refuse to lose to be a champion and put in the time to hone your skills. You have to compete against the best and test yourself to know where you are.

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