Friday, August 16, 2013

Competition For Self Defense Training?

Will competition help you for self defense? The self defense experts say no. I beg to differ. Now, in real fights things are unpredictable (terrain, number of attackers, night or day, etc.). But, a conditioned and experienced combat athlete still has the advantage over the student who works the self protection, reality defense, etc. I would put my money on an amateur boxer with 6 months of training over the self defense expert. Reason being, is that most of the ones you see making money talking about their philosphies most likely don't have any combat sports experience. They don't have the experience of knocking out or getting knocked out. Combat athletes are in shape, they have lots of fights against resisting opponents who train at stopping athletes from doing what they do while imposing their wills on others. The knife defense experts won't tell you the truth about knife fighting and sticks being swung at you. How else can one learn who to deal with pain and fight past it without fighting. Competiton is the only avenue you have (outside of real fights).

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