Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Style Insecuriy

Here's a funny one for you. In addition to working as a personal fitness trainer, martial arts instructor, I also do seminars. Anyway, I send emails out all the time to different groups. I recently sent an email out about my boxing seminars and got a weird reply. It was from a kung fu guy stating that his school produces competitors who compete in national level events (sanshou, sanda). He made it a point to say that he was kung fu (as I am a combat sports guy not bogged down by a style). It was obivious that there was some insecurity going on in his reply. I responded by thanking him for taking the time to read it and if he did not want to receive emails in the future to click the unsubcribe tab at the bottom). The interesting thing about traditional stylists is that they tend to be insecure and tend to stay in their on little world. In order to be enlightened, one has to step outside his or her comfort zone and open their minds to other things.

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