Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Be Well Rounded

In looking at today's combat sports, in particular Kickboxing and MMA, fighters have to have a well rounded game. Being one dimensional in combat sports makes it harder for you. Let's not confuse one dimensional with ineffectiveness. People watch Kickboxing and MMA and assume that these sports are superior to individual disciplines for real fighting or self defense. Keep in mind that the guy who trains MMA is not superior in the individual disciplines. You can be a champion in Kickboxing, but that does not mean you can be one in TKD (kicking) or Boxing (hands). You can be a good submission guy in MMA, but that doesn't mean you can be as good in Judo or BJJ. In a real fight the specialist is at a disadvantage if not his element, but he is dangerous in that element. My personal goal as a martial artist is to perfect my skills as best I can in individual as well as mixed.

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