Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Street Fighter Vs. Reality Defense Fighter Vs.Sport Fighter

Who would you put your money on in a street fight? The Street Fighter, the Sport Fighter or the Reality Defense fighter? I'm gonna put mine on the Sport Fighter. Now, anything can happen in a real fight. A guy lands a sucker punch or pulls a weapon out unseen, etc. This can happen to any of the 3. But, looking at what a full contact fighter goes through to prepare for competition (running, pad and bag work, sparring with well trained partners, etc.), this fighter gets repitition of effective fighting. Sure, the reality defense fighter, will say that the it's sport and not real. But, a hard punch, kick, knee, elbow, choke, joint lock, etc. delivered on a non-compliant opponent trained to receive these techniques is as real as it can get.

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