Monday, May 4, 2015

Fun Judo Experience

I just got back from the USA Judo National Championships in TX. There were divisions for the top Senior players, Brown and under, Blind Players and the Masters (guys over 30 in grouped every 5 years). I saw some really good judo. My division is M4 (ages 45-49). The oldest guys I saw competing were 75 years old. Judo is called the gentle art but is anything but that as I saw dislocated ankles, shoulders, arms and fingers. I saw busted cauliflower ears, broken noses, closed eyes, looking like a boxing tournament. There were some really good throws and the newaza (mat work) was quick and explosive. Even though Judo is a sport, I saw real compete in that competitors laid it on the line. To watch guys who know how to throw and keep from being thrown fight for control of anothers balance helps you better understand what can happen if a good judoka puts two hands on you. I won my division and enjoyed watching the other Masters compete. Some originally come from other countries so I saw athletes who were from Colombia, France, Russia, etc. So, it was a blast.

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