Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Disappointed By Floy and Pacman Fight?

Were you let down by the big fight last weekend? Many fans or shall I say viewers were. This was the biggest fight show in the history of fighting (money wise). Floyd won by decision. Many chased him and Floyd did what he always does. But, folks are still disapointed because they wanted fireworks. Despite being a talented fighter and great businessman, Floyd would rather play it safe than risk getting battered. How should a champion fight? Should he put himself in harms way to finish an opponent or do whatever it takes to win without receiving damage. Understand there are fighters and prize fighters. Some guys want to get the win and some guys want to finish an opponent. The fighters bring more excitement because even if the fight goes the distance, they are looking to finish an opponent. When I fought, I always attempted to stop an opponent. If I won by decision it was because I didn't stop him. I did not try to out point him. I also looked for a finish.

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