Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In The Office (Boxing Years From The 90s)

Boxing is a great art and sport for developing not only good hand techniques, but for getting in great shape. Try a few rounds with a decent boxer and you feel fatigue like you've never experienced. I learned so much from Boxing because I had the opportunity to train with really good fighters. I trained with all of the top local middleweights in Atlanta during the 90s including Olympians and top contenders. A few of the guys I sparred with would go on to win world titles (not because of me of course). Here's is a sample of my daily training from Doraville Boxing Club back in the 90s. I would spar with not only boxers, but all of the kickboxers would come to the gym to spar. There were not a lot of fight gyms like today. Fighters visited each others gym more and we got a lot of good work.

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