Friday, August 21, 2015

Martial Sport Vs Martial Art

There are many reasons people train in martial arts. Fitness, flexibility, stress relieve, etc. Of course the main reason is self-defense. But how does one truly develop self-defense skills? Many train scenarios and simulated situations to practice lethal techniques (attacks to throat, eyes, groin, etc.). This group looks and combat sports as ineffective for self-defense. Then there are art the martial/combat sports folks. These are those that get on the mats, get in the ring or cage, and compete against another trained opponent. They compete under a set of rules that allow them to go full force without seriously injurying an opponent (like taking out an eye or ripping a testicle off). My take on things is that the combat sport athlete is learning skills that translate to self defense more so than the guy who is practicing theory. The athlete is going to be in better shape and does sparring of some sort. In competition one faces fear, fatigue, and anxiety. Unless one faces daily struggle in training they can't prepare themselves for anything. Sparring gives you adversity and struggle because you have a non-compliant partner.

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