Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Baddest Fighters On The Planet

The baddest man or woman on the planet? You have heard this many times. Mike Tyson, Rousey, Crocop (back in the day), etc. What makes a fighter the baddest in their sport? Is Mayweather the best fighter in Boxing? Is Ronda Rousey the baddest woman on earth? I would say no to both. Now, both of these athletes are tremendous and accomplished. Both were olympians (Silver and Bronze medalists respectively). But when you look at Rousey for example, she is outclassing her competition. Why? Because she is a world class athlete (a shark) thrown into the water with lesser competition (minoes). Now if you were to take some of the top female Judoka in the world and train them for MMA, I think she would get better competiton. Or, if she went up in weight and fought Cyborg we might see a challenging fight. But for now, she will continue to dominate. Mayweather is undefeated, but there are a lot of fighters in around his weight class that he won't fight. He seems to choose opponents he knows he can beat. Fighters like Ali, Hoost, Fedor, fought the best of their eras. We miss the days of Pride where there was the Grand Prix tournament, will at the end of the night, no one can argue who was the champion. I always say that a tournament is the best way to determine who is the best. Take the top fighters, put them in a tournament and at the end of the night, we can say that who is number one. Do this once a year and see who remains on top.

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