Monday, September 14, 2015

Undefeated Records Don't Make You Great

In the last post I talked about the Mayweather Vs Berto Fight. There is this big deal about undefeated fighters, like there supposed to be the best ever and what not. Mayweather is going for Marciano's 49-0 record. So what if he has tied, beat, etc. It doesn't matter what your record is. You see, in boxing, you take a talented fighter and pad his or her record with fighters who pose them no real threat and they get a lot of wins with a lot of knockouts. You give them 5 easy fights and then every 5th fight, test them to keep them honest and then when the get 20 plus fights you market them as these bad asses to get bigger money fights. I'm not saying that these fighters aren't talented. What I'm saying is that the business side of the fight game says protect your investment by making the fighter seem unstoppable, invincible and all that. If you look up the fighters that these guys have knocked out, you will see most of the KOs early in their careers with opponents who have little experience or horrible records (like 5 wins and 6 losses or 20 wins and 22 losses). Once they start getting better opponents the wins come late in the fight or they start winning by decision. So, don't be fooled by the world UNDEFEATED. It doesn't mean anything.

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