Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Singular Combat Sports Are Harder

Is MMA harder than Kickboxing? Is Kickboxing harder than Boxing? All combat sports are difficult, but I will say that singular combat sports are more difficult. It is harder to excel in boxing that it is in Kickboxing or MMA (at a high level). Reason being, is that the more you can do in a fight, the more opportunities you have to win. Now for kickboxing, you have to learn the kicking and the boxing. In MMA, you have to learn the grappling, kicking, and boxing. Is winning an NCAA wrestling championship harder than winning an MMA fight. Yes, because you'd have to defeat the best guys in the country. GSP proved that his wrestling in MMA was superior that top collegiate wrestlers in the UFC. Now, if it were collegiate wrestling, he would most likely lose. Anderson Silva out boxed and kickboxed former champions in the cage. But, if he were to ever box Roy Jones (like he wanted to) he would have a hard time (even with Roy at this age). Rhonda Rousey dominates the cage with ease, but was not as dominate in international judo. So, even the sports that combine multiple disciplines are very difficult, it is still harder when you take away and easier when you add other options.

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