Friday, September 9, 2016

Be Self Motivated

As an instructor/coach, I find it unfortunate that in today's society many struggle to motivate themselves. We rely so much on outside influences to entertain, motivate, and inspire us way to much. When kids don't have a video game or a cartoon to entertain them, they say they're bored. It's the same with adults as they stay glued to phones. In teaching classes, there are some who will come in and start practicing things on their own before class begins and then there are some who will chat and train half heatedly and leave right after. Those who started before everybody else will ask questions and make sure they understand everything they learned that class.

As a fighter, I watched professionals train and I noticed that nobody told them what to do when they got in the gym. The warmed up, hit the bags, pads, etc. They would go around and ask fighters for sparring and would get in the ring with anybody. If they had a fight coming up, the coach would supervise and give suggestions, but other than that most of the really good fighters would just train. For me it is frustrating as I see many guys talk about noting that has to do with the training while they are training. They show a lack of focus and intent in what they are doing.

So, what must one do to be the best that they can be? Be SELF MOTIVATED! Don't depend on outside influences to inspire you. Be truthful to yourself and be passionate about what you do. Then you will be able to better accomplish your goals.

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