Friday, September 23, 2016

Fighting Karate Part I

In looking at full contact or bare knuckle Karate, Shidokan is one of the most practical styles out there. In this clip, I am fighting against Ryo Sakai in a Shidokan Triathlon Match (3 rounds of Karate, 3 rounds of Thai Boxing, and 3 rounds of Grappling. This is from the finals of the 2002 World Open. To make to the finals, one has to win to fights. This our 3rd fight for the evening. So, we into this final match banged up from previous wars. Since it is a 9 round fight, we have to play chess throughout the match.

This post is the Karate part.  Because of the threat of being clinched and thrown, look at the selection of techniques used from a distance and in close. Body punches, lock kicks, and knees are the main techniques used. You will Sakai execute Hiza Guruma (knee wheel) throws on me. Due to an ACL injury in my semi final fight, I have difficulty stabilizing on the right leg, so there is no resisting.

You will see me use movement and long range kicks (side, back, axe, etc.). You will see a cross blend of techniques between the two of us. Sakai will blend Knockdown, Thai Boxing  and Judo. You will see me use a blend  of Thai Boxing and Tae Kwon Do.

So, this is what Karate is for me and I base what I teach on experiences like these.

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