Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shidokan Is The Strongest Karate

I personally feel that Shidokan Karate is the strongest style of Karate. Now, I enjoy and appreciate all styles of martial arts. Shidokan adopts the concept of being a well rounded fighter. Outside of fighting it provides a traditional, cultural experience. It encompasses all of the elements to help one become a complete fighter and a better person. My student and good friend, Jaral Bowman demonstrates in this clip what I call, Karate Complete. I say complete in the sense that punches, kicks, knees, grabbling, clothing (Gi), etc. are involved. The concept of Karate is one blow kill. So imagine developing the ability to take an opponent out quickly and efficiently. This can be done by concussive force or submission. These fighters have the ability to do both. This style of karate answers questions that theorists cannot because you can see it.
Shidokan's Jaral Bowman

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