Wednesday, June 7, 2017

U.S. Shidokan Fighters 1st Class

Here's a clip that features some of the 1st generation Shidokan fighters. These guys come of the U.S. Shidokan Hombu Dojo. I've met all of these guys and they are talented life long martial artists who have contributed greatly to Shidokan and martial arts in general. This clip will show them competing in the Sabaki Challenge and the Shidokan Open. They paved the way for the sport that would become the "Triathlon of Martial Artists". There are a few other key individuals that I did not have clips for, but will get show them in the future. I will be in Germany this weekend for the European Shidokan Open. Team USA consist of 5 fighters from the Atlanta Dojo. I call them the 3rd Class. Look for the write up next week. OSU!

Shidokan Fighters 1st Class

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