Friday, December 9, 2011

Competition For Self Defense Training?

Can competition help you prepare for a real self defense encounter? Absolutely. Why? Look at a boxer. He practices 4 punches (jab, cross, hook and uppercut) and puts those 4 punches together in multiple combinations against a non-compliant opponent. He runs, spars, does bag and pad work and competes against trained opponents. Sure he fights under a set of rules and isn't allowed to kick or eye gouge, but he is deadly. Look at the guy who grew up grappling (i.e. judo, wrestling, etc.). He has been taking opponents down to ground, controlling them with positions/submissions. He does this against in shape, well trained, resisting opponents. These athletes are strong mentally and physically and impose their wills on strong opponents. These attributes translate over to one's self defense skills. These individuals deal with fear, anger, adrenaline, pressure, pain and fatigue. They are able to push themselves past the limits of non-competitors. Guys who fight in the cage have to fend off punches, elbows, take downs, knees, holds, submissions, etc. against trained fighters who specialize in some form of delivering pain. So, next time you hear somebody say that competition isn't suitable for preparing one for real situations, ask them how many fights they have.

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