Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is Sport Combat Good For Self Defense? YES

I recently listed to a video of a traditional martial arts guy, saying that sport fighting (i.e. MMA) isn't practical for self defense. As one who has devoted a life time to combat sports and martial arts study, I will tell you that combat sports are the best way to prepare for reality. The self defense experts tell you that the rules, weight classes, etc. aren't reality. They practice their reality defense through simulation. So of them will also say that they have competition experience too, but you you never hear of any of them having high level competitive experience. Having trained and competed against top level fighters, I will tell that these guys would tear a new one into somebody on the street. Some experts claim to have done research on fear and adrenaline. Champion fighters fight through pain, fear, adrenaline dump (and in tournaments they do it over and over again). Now the experts will say, well, there are officials to stop it if one gets hurt. Yeah, but I say most of them have never fought a death match either. Now as far as the techniques that they can do that are not allowed in sport fighting. Well, if you can't be me with rules, you'll have a harder time beating without them.

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