Friday, November 8, 2013

Pain Is The Teacher

When you learn martial arts of any kind, a lot of times instructors don't tell you how you are really going to learn how to do most things. The truth is, is that you will learn through trial and error and most of importantly through pain. Boxing is a good example. In Boxing, a coach will tell you over and over to keep your hands up when you shadow box, hit the bag, mits, etc. but you continually keep then down. As soon as you start sparring you get hit and then a light goes off and you realize your hands are down. Until you feel the pain, you didn't realize that you were doing it wrong, even though your coach has been yelling it at you for several months. In grappling, you get put in a submission choke and you are too prideful to tap. After you bruise your trachea and can't swallow for a few days, you know that you will immediately tap next time. To drill is cool, but you need to have the threat of pain to truly learn.

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